6 works of art from JUSTMAD that you can Buy from home.

Feb 16, 2022

6 works of art from JUSTMAD that you can Buy from home.

JUSTMAD is the international art fair that supports emerging and current art. With its commitment to a safe culture, RedCollectors is pleased to expose online the works of art that the participating galleries will bring to the fair. Visit, buy and receive advice of the emerging art fair of reference in Spain through our platform.

From our team of expert art advisors, we have selected 6 works of art for Buy from home. Having unique pieces in your home has never been easier.




1. Federico Granell (Cangas del Narcea, Asturias, Spain, 1974)

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Paperback writer, 2022, Painting (Mixed media on paper mounted on moleskine), 20 x 30 cm

Federico Granell's painting reveals the narrative and experiential nature of travel, as a distancing from routine and everyday life, as a discovery of new places and different ways of life, but also as a journey inward, towards the encounter with oneself. In his works, a light sifted by memory, like a photograph faded by the passage of time, takes us to those places Prints diffusely in his memory.

Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca in 1999, specialising in Design and Audiovisuals, and later trained in Milan and Rome, Federico Granell began his career more than a decade ago. An outstanding artist on the national art scene, he has held numerous exhibitions in renowned Spanish, European and South American art galleries, has been awarded important prizes and his works can be found in prestigious collections such as the Asturias Fine Arts Museum, the Asturias Regional Government and the DKV Collection.

2. Rafael Blanco Expósito - Nankayshan (Sabadell, Spain,1980)

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S/t, 2022, Painting (Aerosol on canvas), 20 x 20 cm


Rafael Blanco takes as a starting point for the creation of his works the observation of the nearby landscape and the changes produced by new technologies in agriculture, where rhythms reach geometric levels of arrangement in order to minimise production costs and labour. He uses formal and rhythmic resources and shapes such as the square, the circle, the hexagon, curved and straight lines.

After finishing his studies at the Escuela de Artes y Oficios in Granada, he continued his education in different Fine Arts faculties: Altea, Salamanca, Mexico and Granada, where he graduated. He worked in advertising in the fashion, rural tourism and olive oil sectors. He worked as a documentary photographer for the Fundación Siglo for the III Festival Internacional de las Artes de Castilla y León. He was awarded the second runner-up prize for photography in the IX Certamen de Artes Plásticas de Granada. He has participated in projects such as Paredes hablan. Urban Intervention. Forty years of graffiti since May '68 and D-Mencia 2008. He is one of the founders and coordinators of NemoArtFestival (Priego de Córdoba). His work has been exhibited in Espiral: Foro cultural universitario (Mexico), Ikas-art (Bilbao), Loop (Barcelona), Cromática: III Bienal de pintura joven (Orense), Vídeo en las aulas (Sevilla), In &Out Caja rural de Granada, Salamanca, Altea, Córdoba, Málaga, among other cities.

3. Pablo Little (Cordoba, Spain, 1989) 

Heart, 2021, Sculpture (Ceramic), 35 x 18 x 38 cm


Pablo represents in his works how a small adult or a big child looks at the world from the point of view of emotions. Black ink predominates in his drawings and he talks about love and things that hurt. In his work we find planets, hugs, teepees, naked bodies, tattoos, vegetation, animals... a whole universe that Little uses to deal with the themes that interest him: love and heartbreak, farewells and reunions, the earthly and the magic, the extraordinary...

Graduate in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Malaga, Cultural Manager and self-taught artist. Throughout his career, he has exhibited his work in solo exhibitions, including "Amor, Magia, Infinito" at Galería Roja (Seville 2016) and "El amor es sencillo" at El Imparcial (Madrid 2016), and in group exhibitions such as "GLITCH" at CAS (Seville 2016). He has also been the creator and director of "Galería Central" (University of Málaga) from 2009 to 2012; since 2014 he has directed the project DMENCIA Contemporary Art Exhibition, and has been part of the creative tandem Crótalo & Triángulo (2014-2016). His illustrations have appeared in national publications such as El Mundo, El Español, Harper's Bazaar, Neo2, Notes, L'Officiel, AD España and Revista LaMuy, among others.

4. Teresa Pajares (Madrid, Spain, 1953)

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Drawing on recycled papers - No. 9, Drawing (Mixed media on paper), 20 x 14,5 cm


He experiments by playing with textures, materials and volumes, finding in everyday materials the channel to configure his artistic argument. In this way, his re-signified elements, elevated to the category of art, make us participants in and aware of our surroundings.

Degree in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid. Professor. Faculty of Fine Arts of Pontevedra (University of Vigo). During her professional career she has had solo and group exhibitions in national and international galleries, as well as in fairs (ARCO).

5. Cecilia de Val (Zaragoza, Spain, 1975)

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Selfie 9, 2020, Photograph (Polyester photographic paper and pigment ink residues), 30 x 22 cm


It represents liquid images that refer to the origin and illustrate the present. Photographs that, like mountains, have gone from the solid, immutable, static, monumental, chalky or dusty to the liquid, fluid, mobile, dynamic, fragmentary and fleeting. A reflection on the concept of No-photography or liquid photography in the digital era and on the relationship between the image and the textual, which underlines the strong feedback between the structures of image production and the dominant forms of subjectivity in neoliberal culture.

She is a photographer who explores identity and the relationship of the individual with her environment. She has presented her work in exhibitions at festivals such as Photoespaña 2009 and 2012, at the Festival Encontros Da Imagem 2012 (Braga, Portugal), in the international travelling exhibition Desnudando a Eva: Creadoras de los siglos XX y XXI del Instituto Cervantes (2012), in the Biennial of Plastic Arts of Pamplona (2010), in the Biennial of Plastic Arts Rafael Botí Córdoba (2010), in the programme Jugada a tres bandas Madrid (2012), in the international programme ArtBarber 2011, she has exhibited her work in Museums such as the DA2 of Salamanca (2015), the Museum of Teruel, and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Santander, the Casa de la Mujer of Zaragoza, Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante (2013). As well as in national and international contemporary art fairs such as Unseen Amsterdam 2016, Miami Basel 2014, Pulse Miami 2008, among others.

6. Cesc Abad (Barcelona, Spain, 1973)

Dreams, Drawing (Oil on paper), 70 x 50 cm


His work allows him to observe the landscape in a different way, both figuratively and conceptually. He is interested in provoking surprise, experimentation and the human-nature relationship. His imagery is easily recognisable and he uses dystopia as a tool for social criticism.

His work belongs to the Collection Fundación MER, Madrid; Stefan Simchowintz, Los Angeles; Fundació Vila Casas, Barcelona; Banca Mora, Andorra; Centro de Arte Mutuo, Barcelona; Encinar Collection, Madrid; Albert Madaula Collection, Barcelona; Antoni Morell Collection, Andorra; Carles Barrera Collection, Viella; Josep Soler Collection, Barcelona; Cernuda Collection, Barcelona, among others.