Become a Wise Collector

You don't need years of experience to become a wise collector.

Join our RedCollectors Community to learn faster, go further and Buy better.

What is a Wise Collector?

Own artistic criteria

This allows you to Buy art according to your taste and budget.

Buy at the best price

He knows the value of the works and knows if the price he is being asked is correct and never overpays.

No doubt about his experience

You have the necessary tools to make your decisions correctly and accurately.

Recognizes talent

Knows how to detect artists that are going to be revalued, which will be a safe investment.

The new way to Buy art

You too can be successful, if you decide to be part of this world of wise collectors, without having to spend years training yourself.

  • With the help of experts
  • Acquiring the criteria, the ability to interpret the data
  • Learning the skills to cope with problems at Buy arte
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When the art market is opaque and plagued by problems

You may be passionate about art, but when it comes to choosing your next purchase, the reality is that decisions are fraught with questions:

  • Is the price correct?
  • Will the artist be revalued?
  • What documentation to request?

Don't worry! We know it's not easy to do it alone.

You can succeed if you decide to be part of this world of wise collectors.

We introduce you to our RedCollectors Community to become a wise art collector . You will learn how to develop your artistic criteria in the face of the uninformed buyer and you will discover everything a wise collector should know, thanks to the right tools and expert guidance.

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Advantages of belonging to the Community

Being a member of the RedCollectors Community means resolving your doubts in your next purchases thanks to personalized sessions with expert guidance; being the first to be able to Buy exclusive works at the best prices; cataloguing software to enhance your works; access to exclusive online training on the art market, art and collecting; guided visits to galleries, VIP passes for art fairs and events.

Do you have questions about the RedCollectors Community?

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Hi, I'm Elisa Hernando CEO of RedCollectors.

I have been working for more than 20 years for major art collections such as Santander Fundación, BBVA, idealista, ARCO, Uría Menéndez Abogados among others, and 16 years teaching Art Economics and Appraisal at the University.

Despite being a PhD in Economics and Art History when I started Buy art and discovered that it was a world full of difficulties and problems. That's why I created the consultancy Arte Global in 2003 and recently the RedCollectors platform to help people who want to start collecting and Buy art and don't know how to do it correctly.

Let's say goodbye together to insecurities and indecision in your art purchases.

Stories of Satisfied Collectors Who Found Their Way

Sara Lopez

Essential for Buy art with security

"It's amazing, I have learned how to Buy art successfully and have already purchased my first paintings knowing it was the right decision."

Diego Fernandez

Mandatory experience

"I have learned how to collect art with strategy and success. I am very grateful to Elisa and her team at RedCollectors for their guidance and accompaniment."

Andrea Cerrato

Undoubtedly recommended

"Belonging to this Community provided me with key information on how to make informed decisions when Buy artwork."

The media talk about us

The RedCollectors Community is for you because

You don't want to waste time with your art choices.

You're tired of not knowing which artist Buy

You need knowledge to avoid hesitation in your purchases.

You want to be a wise and independent collector


Do you need any clarification about the RedCollectors Community?

If you would like to have a personalized, no-obligation session with one of our experts to identify where you are today and where you can go in art collecting, click on the link below. Now we can help you.

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What are the benefits of joining the RedCollectors Community?

You will experience total peace of mind as we will advise you free of charge according to your budget and taste in a personalized way.

And if I buy a work through you, how will you help me?

For each purchase we assign you a personal assistant who is responsible for managing and coordinating for you, by whatsapp, that the delivery is with specialized transport in works of art and insurance, in the shortest possible time, accompanied by certificate of authenticity.

What happens if I finally want to cancel my subscription?

Don't worry, if you don't want to continue being part of the Community, you can unsubscribe and use the credit for one year, otherwise we will refund your money.

I have been buying art for several years, is this Community useful for me?

Absolutely. The art market is constantly evolving. Even if you already have some collecting experience, we will be able to give you the keys you are missing on your way to becoming a wise collector.

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