Why should I use RedCollectors for Buy art?

RedCollectors has a platform where you can discover and collect modern and contemporary art. Our marketplace features over 100,000 works of art from the best galleries around the world. RedCollectors is dedicated to being a trusted platform for buying and selling art; every purchase made exclusively through our secure payment system benefits from our full suite of buyer protections.

How can I get more information about a work of art?

At RedCollectors, we offer you 3 different ways to contact us if you need to know more about the artwork: consult by WhatsApp, ask our experts for help, and you can also talk to the gallery by clicking on the "ask gallery for an appointment" button on the artwork's page. 

How do I know if a work of art is available?

In general, all works of art in our shop are available for purchase. 

How can I guarantee the authenticity of works of art?

RedCollectors is dedicated to being the most reliable marketplace for Buy and selling authentic works of art. Collectors should always feel empowered to ask galleries for documentation regarding the authenticity, provenance and condition of a work of art, among other things.

If you contact a seller through our enquiry function, but complete the purchase outside of RedCollectors' secure buying process, we will not be able to offer any protection. 

If you are concerned about authenticity, RedCollectos recommends that you purchase works whenever possible through a secure purchasing process.

How can I save works of art to revisit or buy later?

You can easily save your favourite artworks and refer to them later by clicking on the Add to Favourites button at the top right of each artwork.

How are taxes, customs, VAT and import duties on works handled?

VAT will be included automatically through the online payment. For taxes, customs and other costs such as framing, shipping, insurance and installation, please contact our team, we will be happy to assist you. 

How can we help you?

Ask by WhatsApp

Ask by WhatsApp

For immediate assistance

Ask our experts for help

Ask our experts for help

If you need personalised advice