Art Guide: What are Gallery Weekends and which are the most important in Spain?

Sep 15, 2023

Art Guide: What are Gallery Weekends and which are the most important in Spain?

Explore Art and Collecting in Spain: The Gallery Weekends

In Spain, as in other countries,Gallery Weekends are cultural events of great relevance in the world of art and collecting that take place in various cities. These exciting weekends allow art galleries to open their doors to the public at extended hours, exhibiting a varied selection of contemporary works and collectibles.

Among the most outstanding Gallery Weekends in Spain, we find Barcelona Gallery Weekend, Madrid Gallery Weekend and Valencia Gallery Weekend.

These events offer art lovers the unique opportunity to explore a wide range of artistic and cultural offerings, interact with artists and gallerists, and immerse themselves in the latest art and collecting trends.

They are the perfect weekend plan to combine art, tourism, gastronomy and culture.

In addition, Gallery Weekends play a key role in promoting contemporary art throughout the country, attracting both art collectors and art enthusiasts. If you are looking for an enriching and cultural experience, you should not miss the opportunity to participate in a Gallery Weekend in Spain.

Madrid: Explore the Heart of Art and Collecting

In the Spanish capital, the call includes different routes that can be comfortably covered on foot. The following art galleries and collections stand out:

Alonso Martínez, Malasaña and Conde Duque areas:
Elba Benítez
La Cometa
Max Estrella
Juana de Aizpuru
Rafael Pérez Hernando
Sabrina Amrani
Blanca Berlin

Salamanca neighborhood:
Fernando Pradilla Gallery
Álvaro Alcázar

Camera Obscura

Casado Santapau

Ponce + Robles

Near the Reina Sofia Museum:
Moisés Pérez de Albéniz
Xavier Fiol
1Look at Madrid
Rosa Santos


Las Rozas area

Adora Calvo 

Barcelona: The City of Barcelona and its Art Scene

Barcelona displays its artistic muscle with an open call to the public with uninterrupted opening hours.

The following art galleries and collections are worth a visit:

Joan Prats
Víctor Lope
Ana Mas Projects





Valencia: Art, Paella and Beach in One Place

The association of Valencian galleries dedicates a whole week to the Gallery Weekend. Thanks to the good communication by train, a getaway that combines art, paella and beach will not leave anyone indifferent. The following galleries stand out:

Rosa Santos
SET Espai d'Art
La Mercería

Don't hesitate to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of art and collecting in Spain through these exciting Gallery Weekends - a cultural experience you won't want to miss!


From RedCollectors we encourage you to enjoy these events and to share with us your impressions in our networks.