8 reasons why painters are revalued | RedCollectors

8 reasons why painters are revalued | RedCollectors

Nov 10, 2023

8 reasons why artists are becoming more valuable

The art world is a constantly evolving space, where works and artists experience changes in their value over time. changes in their value over time..

If you have ever wondered why some artists are so revalued so much, at RedCollectors we have the answer in the 8 most important reasons.

1. Exhibitions in museums and prestigious institutions

One of the most important ways for an artist to be revalued is his or her participation in exhibitions held in renowned museums and institutions. participation in exhibitions held in renowned museums and institutions.. When an artist succeeds in exhibiting his work in these places, his work acquires exceptional visibility and recognition in the art world.

The reason behind this trend is that these venues are also a form of validation of artistic quality. validation of artistic quality. Being selected to exhibit in a reputable museum means that art experts will art experts and curators consider the artist's work to have significant cultural and artistic value.

This not only attracts collectors and buyers, but it also places the artist in a context that can enhance its long-term revaluation.. This is exactly what happens with our artists.

2. Presence in important art collections

The inclusion of an artist's works in important important art collections is a solid indicator of its value in the art market.

When a work is in the hands of recognized museums or renowned institutions, it adds an extra layer of prestige and authenticity to the artist's work.

This presence in relevant art collections not only validates the quality of the art, but also creates sustained demand for the art. creates a sustained demand for. Collectors often seek to acquire works that are part of these collections, which can generate competition among art buyers and increase prices. competition among art buyers and drive up prices for the artist's works. of the artist's works.

3. Creative innovation and school creation

Artists who introduce creative creative innovations and change the direction of art often create a school of thought.. These innovators leave a lasting imprint on the art world and their influence can be seen in the work of subsequent generations. We have seen this with many works available in our online art store.

An artist's ability to challenge convention, explore new techniques or perspectives and to create works that break with the established can lead to a major revaluation. This not only increases their relevance, but can also have a lasting impact on art history. If you get your hands on one of these works, you could generate an important revaluation of your artworks.

4. Recognition of art experts

The recognition by art experts often has an enormous impact on the revaluation of an artist. Positive reviews and endorsements from collectors can make your work worth more.

Unsurprisingly, the endorsement of exhibition curators and museum directors may lead to the artist's works being shown in high-profile exhibitionswhich increases their visibility and prestige in the art world.

5. Prestige of the representative or gallery

The prestige of the entity or person who represents an artist can also can also influence its revaluation.

Renowned galleries attract collectors and buyers collectors and potential buyers, which can boost saleswhich can boost sales and increase the artist's visibility in the marketplace.

6. Results in auctions and art stores

The auction sales results are a key indicator of an artist's are a key indicator of an artist's value.

Works that command higher prices often attract the attention of collectors, and increase the value of the artist's entire body of work. increase the value of the artist's entire body of work.. You buy a work as an investment and, over time, generate significant returns as the artist's name grows.

7. Refuge value: the stability of art (in times of instability)

In the world of investments, the idea of a "safe-haven value is fundamental, and art is no exception. When it comes to certain works and artists, they are considered a safe haven for investors. safe haven for investors.What does this mean exactly?

Unlike other investments, such as stocks or the cryptocurrencies we see so much of today, works of art tend to maintain their value over time.. Even in times of economic crisis, art investments tend to show a remarkable return on investment. remarkable profitability.Why?

First, the value of a work of art is not directly linked to the performance of the financial market. Economic trends and financial crises can drastically affect other forms of investment, but but art tends to maintain its intrinsic value.. The beauty and meaning of a work of art does not diminish in times of crisis, fortunately.

In addition, art often attracts a different type of investor. Art collectors are often willing to hold their investments for the long-termrather than looking for short-term gains. Something that greatly influences the stability of the art market.

8. Importance of the technique

The last of the reasons for reasons for the revaluation of artists is the technique used. Traditionally, painting has proven to be a technique that tends to increase in value over time. Thus, collectors often seek out works by artists who have mastered techniques of this type, especially if they want profitability.

At RedCollectors We understand the importance of investing in art and how some works can gain value over time. We invite you to explore our our art collection for investment. You will find that, over time, art can earn you more than you imagine.

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