Art for Children - Charity Auction for the benefit of the ANAR Foundation

Nov 16, 2021

Art for Children - Charity Auction for the benefit of the ANAR Foundation

Art for Children

Online art auction for the benefit of the ANAR Foundation

Madrid, 9 September 2020.

COVID-19 has meant an extraordinary effort for the ANAR Foundation, which has had to adapt its ways of working to the situation of confinement and subsequent de-escalation. During this time, when no one could access the privacy of the home, ANAR managed to attend (first through the ANAR CHAT due to the security it represented thanks to its confidentiality and later with all its Lines) 21,912 requests for help from children and adolescents. 

Violence during that period, and up to the present day, has continued to grow: from 36.1% in March to 53.5% last July.

Facing this reality and having managed to help these children has meant a great human and financial effort for the ANAR Foundation to adapt to teleworking (obtaining the necessary technology to guarantee the confidentiality and rigour required by the extreme sensitivity of the minors' data and our care protocols), the fitting out of the care rooms and the reinforcement of the teams. 

Juan Cuenca

S.T., 2012


To support ANAR's work during the coronavirus emergency, the Spanish online art advisory and buying platform RedCollectorsis organising the first online auction of art galleries through its Instagram account for the benefit of the Foundation.

Elisa Hernando, founder of Redcollectors says that "the auction has been possible thanks to the generosity of the most prestigious art galleries and young artists with great international projection at the moment. This is the second auction organised by Redcollectors for the benefit of the ANAR Foundation. It is in our hands to make visible the suffering of these children and adolescents and we can all do something to change their reality, I hope that all art lovers support the initiative as it is a unique opportunity to buy works of art with a great quality and for a good cause".

For his part, Benjamín Ballesteros, director of programmes at Fundación ANAR, explained that "with the confinement, the situation of many children and adolescents who suffer domestic violence worsened seriously. At ANAR we made a great effort to continue helping them in this extraordinary situation. But with the 'new normal' the problems have not disappeared: we estimate that at least 76% of minors will continue to suffer the consequences of the pandemic. The ANAR telephone number has been declared an essential service for children but has received no funding to cope with the new situation. With the donation raised through the auction we will be able to help more children who need us".


Where: Instagram profile of RedCollectors (@red_collectors)

Organised by: Redcollectors, Arte Global, Around Art

In collaboration with: ANAR Foundation  

Date: 17 September between 18h and 21h. 

Price range: Between 300€ and 3.000€.

Catalogue and bids: Bids will always be made after registering on the website of Redcollectors



Art for Children is an event organised by RedCollectors, Arte Global and Around Art thanks to the generosity of 11 prestigious art galleries: Aurora Vigil, Cámara Oscura Galería de Arte, F2, Freijo, Gema Llamazares, La Gran + Espacio Líquido, Lucía Dueñas, NF. Ponce+Robles, Rafael Pérez Hernando and Rosa Santos.

The works in the auction are by young and established artists with international recognition whose prices range from 300 euros to 3,000 euros. The starting prices will be 30% lower than their market price in order to encourage people to buy art and help a noble cause. The pieces to be auctioned can be viewed on the online platform

Thanks to the generosity of several art galleries and artists, works by more than 40 artists will be auctioned online, including Alba Escayo, Álvaro Gil, Ana de Alvear, Ana Laura Aláez, Ángel Hurtado de Saracho - Saracho, Antonio Asís, Arancha Goyeneche, Avelino Sala, Belén García Montoya - BegMont, Bonifacio, Cecilia de Val, Daniel Fernández Jove, Ellen Kooi, Estefanía Martín Sáenz, Federico Miró, Felipe Ehrenberg, Flavia Robalo, Francisco Mayor Maestre, Juan Guillermo Peñalver, Hugh Mangum, Jesús Zurita, Job Sanchez, Johann Ryno de Wet, Jorge Hernández, José Castiella, Juan Baraja, Juan Baraja Peñalver, Hugh Mangum, Jesús Zurita, Job Sanchez, Johann Ryno de Wet, Flavia Robalo, Francisco Mayor Maestre, Guillermo Peñalver, Hugh Mangum, Jesús Zurita, Job Sanchez, Johann Ryno de Wet, Jorge Hernández, José Castiella, Juan Baraja, Juan del Junco, Juanli Carrión, Maíllo, Manu Muñoz, María Ortega Estepa, María Sánchez, Marina Núñez, Miki Leal, Pablo Bruera, Pipo Hernández Rivero, Raúl Díaz Reyes, Santiago Picatoste, Sergio Femar, Tony Catany and Verónica Vicente.


The auctioned works can be viewed on the website and bids can be reserved in advance. The auction and live bidding will take place on 17 September between 18h and 21h on the Instagram wall of RedCollectors (@red_collectors).

Anyone wishing to bid must have a digital paddle number which they will receive by email once they have registered on the Redcollectors website. On the 17th you will be able to place your bid by adding your paddle number and bid in the comments of the work or works you are interested in, which will be published on the profile wall. If someone outbids you, the Redcollectors team will inform you via DM or phone if necessary. The highest bid posted on each work at 21h will be the winner. There is also the possibility of making direct donations on the auction website thanks to the Row Zero.


Redcollectors also offers the option of bidding on behalf of the interested party for those who wish to do so anonymously. To do so, it is necessary to contact the Redcollectors team via a DM on Instagram or by sending an email to

In the first auction for the benefit of the ANAR Foundation, Redcolletors managed to sell works of art for a value of more than 50,000 euros. All the auctioned works were sold, works of great quality and from artists selected by our art consultancy and with a starting price well below the market price to encourage art lovers to buy art and to support this good and necessary cause. We hope that on this occasion the same thing will happen given the quality of the works and the participation, for the first time in an auction, of such prestigious art galleries.

About the ANAR Foundation

ANAR Foundation, a non-profit organisation which, since 1970, has been dedicated to the promotion and defence of the rights of children and adolescents in situations of risk and neglect, in cases of physical and psychological abuse, bullying, cyberbulling, grooming, abandonment, sexual abuse, different types of violence, child pornography and prostitution. 


RedCollectors is a project of Elisa Hernando, one of the most accredited voices in the world of art collecting in Spain and also founder of Global Artan international consultancy since 2003. It is the online platform for advice and purchase of art. Aimed especially at art lovers, collectors and gallery owners. 

Redcollectors offers personalised buying advice to collectors and art lovers as well as online access to exhibitions and 3D visits of prestigious art galleries and training through virtual meetings, web and social networks. For galleries, it offers online promotion and visibility thanks to cutting-edge technology such as 3D visits and access to a large community of buyers.


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