13 galleries you can't miss in Artesantander

Jul 15, 2022

13 galleries you can't miss in Artesantander


Artesantader celebrates from this Sunday its 30th International Contemporary Art Fair, which can be visited from 16 to 20 July at the Santander Exhibition and Conference Centre Salón Bahía. 

From RedCollectors we invite you to visit 13 galleries featured at the fair, as well as to buy and collect contemporary art. 


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1. Adora Calvo

C. de Epidauro, 53, 28232 Las Rozas de Madrid, Madrid

Una cala más, 2001, Fotografía, 60 x 50 cm, Ediciones: 7


One of the fundamental axes of the gallery's project is the visualisation of the formal and conceptual genealogies that have been produced in the Spanish context between the new generations of artists and their predecessors. In this sense, we are particularly interested in the connection between the main artists of Spanish conceptualism and minimalism and the new emerging artists who are generating their own reformulations of these artistic movements.


2. Álvaro Alcázar

C. de Ferrer del Río, 5, 28028 Madrid

OCTUBRE, 2022, Mixta, 100 x 70 cm



The Álvaro Alcázar gallery focuses its attention on the dissemination of contemporary art. The gallery's programme is based on the representation and exhibition of established and mid-career Spanish and foreign artists. The gallery has different artistic disciplines such as painting, sculpture, photography and video. In addition to presenting an average of eight temporary exhibitions in its own space, the gallery collaborates with museums, cultural institutions and other galleries. It also participates in international contemporary art fairs.


3. Antonia Puyó

C. de la Madre Sacramento, 31, 50004 Zaragoza

Le Reflet 4, 2021, Collage, 54 x 46 x 4 cm


Antonia Puyó Gallery opened its doors for the first time in October 1990, at 31 Madre Sacramento Street in Zaragoza, on the second floor. Since its beginnings it has focused its interest in the latest trends in contemporary art and in the promotion of new artists. We have participated throughout these 29 years in fairs such as: ARCO, Art chicago, Art colonia and in recent years in emerging art fairs.


4. ATM

Carr. de Deva, 675, 33394 Gijón, Asturias

ATM is a gallery with an international vocation located in Gijón, Asturias. ATM focuses on the exploration and contextualisation of the latest artistic trends through a comprehensive programme that includes research projects and artist management in collaboration with other institutions whose aim is to delve deeper into contemporary visual culture.


5. Liquid Space

C. Jacobo Olañeta, 5, bajo, 33202 Gijón, Asturias

Espacio Liquido (Gijón, 2000). During his career he has represented and supported the careers of emerging and mid-career artists. Its promotional work focuses on the publication of catalogues, participation in international fairs, curated exhibitions, the incorporation of its artists in public and private collections and exchanges with other galleries. By creating a platform not linked to a specific space, Espacio Liquido seeks to bring contemporary art closer to all audiences, promoting activities such as guided tours of the exhibitions, talks organised in institutions on new ways of collecting, gallery development, etc...


6. F2 Gallery

Calle del Dr. Fourquet, 28, 28012 Madrid

Trama en voz azul 3, 2022, Dibujo, 59,5 x 42 cm


In 2014, after a long career in the Spanish contemporary art sector, Paloma González and Enrique Tejerizo opened F2 Galería in Madrid.

The gallery proposes a dialogue between artists of different generations and origins, always seeking the solidity of projects that are developed in the long term. Likewise, we vindicate the contact with the public and with the work through visits to the gallery, in addition to the presence in fairs. Since its opening, F2galería has participated in all editions of ARCO, as well as in the fairs Estampa, Untitled (Miami), Artissima (Turin) and ARCO Lisboa.


7. Fernando Pradilla

Calle de Claudio Coello, 20, 28001 Madrid

Inaugurated at the end of 2001, the Galería Fernando Pradilla aims to promote and disseminate contemporary art developed in Latin America and Spain, acting as a bridge of knowledge of the artistic expressions of both continents.

Since its beginnings, the strategy has been based on the identification of emerging, mid-career and historical artists, and on the programming of solo and group exhibitions in Madrid and other Latin American cities. The gallery participates in international art fairs in Latin America, Asia and Europe, and promotes the representation of its artists in biennials, awards, competitions and exhibitions in national and international art centres.


8. The Great 

C. Nicolás Morales, 38, Planta 1. Nave 8B, 28019 Madrid

Sin título, 2021, Pintura, 24 x 40 cm

 La Gran is a contemporary art gallery located in Carabanchel, Madrid, since autumn 2019, although it began its activity in March 2015 in Valladolid. It currently represents and supports the work and careers of thirteen artists (nine of them women) interested in the interaction of aesthetic phenomena with their social or political contexts and participates in fairs such as Estampa, ArteSantander, Pinta Miami, Art Marbella or JUSTMAD.


9. Llamazares Gallery

Calle Instituto, 23, 33201 Gijón, Asturias

Unas horas, 2022, Pintura, 55 x 46 cm


Since 2005, Galería Llamazares has been working to disseminate and promote contemporary and emerging art. Located in Gijón, its exhibition programme includes the work of mid-career artists alongside that of young creators, to whom the gallery offers a platform for the visibility of their projects and a commitment to the pursuit of their artistic careers. Always committed to a coherent line of quality and a close relationship with the artists it represents, who bring to the gallery a great creative richness through the use of different disciplines.


10. Moisés Pérez de Albéniz

Calle del Dr. Fourquet, 20, 28012 Madrid

Sin titulo, 2021, Pintura, 35 x 27 cm


Founded in 1996 by Moisés Pérez de Albéniz, Galería MPA has fostered the careers of a diverse group of nationally and internationally renowned artists, both emerging and established, working in multiple disciplines and across a variety of media. MPA Gallery represents artists from the United States, Europe and South America in Madrid. Our mission is to support and share the work of artists internationally through a dynamic global program, including exhibitions, international fairs, artist projects abroad, collaborations with curators and institutions, and publications.


11. Rafael Ortiz

C. Mármoles, 12, 41004 Sevilla

Pequeña ventana rota: Noche II, 2017, Pintura, 82,5 x 50 cm


As a result of a careful selection process, following the different paths of Contemporary Art, which is particularly changing and complex, the Rafael Ortiz Gallery, since its foundation in 1984, has developed its activity in the field of the most current art, holding exhibitions of young artists and organising important exhibitions of already established artists, The exhibitions of young artists exhibiting for the first time, such as Eugenio Ampudia, Luis Mayo, Patricio Cabrera and Sonia Espigares, and those of established artists, such as Luis Gordillo, Carmen Laffón, Jaime Burguillos, Richard Wentworth, Guillermo Pérez Villalta, Carmen Calvo and Zush-Evru, are particularly noteworthy.


12. Rafael Pérez Hernando

28004, C. de Orellana, 18, 28004 Madrid

The Rafael Pérez Hernando gallery opened for the first time in 1996 in Madrid and moved to Calle Orellana 18 in 2004, where it began a line of exhibitions featuring emerging artists and established painters. The gallery works with rigour and coherence in its proposal, where colour, imperfection, light, emptiness and balance coexist.


13. Set Espai D'Art

Plaça del Miracle del Mocadoret, 4, 46001 València, Valencia

Aro 4. Plaza de la Reina (Norte), 1,7 km. El 11/09/2017 de 19:05 a 19:32, 2017, Escultura, 87 x 109 x 3 cm


Since its opening in Valencia in 2012, SET ESPAI D'ART has focused on representing and promoting the work of national and international visual artists, mainly mid-career artists and young creators. Since its opening in Valencia in 2012, SET ESPAI D'ART has focused on representing and promoting the work of national and international visual artists, mainly mid-career artists and young creators.