6 3D exhibitions of Portuguese galleries

Jul 19, 2022

6 3D exhibitions of Portuguese galleries

Visiting exhibitions in other parts of the world today with the technologies we have available is easy and simple. With our 3D virtual tours, you can visit Portuguese galleries and meet artists from anywhere, without missing the opportunity to learn, collect and live a totally immersive experience.


Miguel Nabinho Gallery

R. Ten. Ferreira Durão 18 B, 1350-315 Lisbon, Portugal

Rui Sanches | Wasteland

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"This is the way I use drawing. I try to relate it to sculpture. Realizing the same issues that I am working on in sculpture at the same time." Rui Sanches


Luisa Cunha : 'Score #4'.

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At the basis of Luisa Cunha's work is a very clear and emotive notion of the relativity of life itself, and consequently of conventions, of the significant difference between the interior and the exterior, of the private and the public, and of the fragmentary character of the "non-place", of power, of the dimensions of time and place, and of discourse.


Jorge Pinheiro : 'Instrospectively'.

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"In my fundamental livelihood I could afford to do whatever I wanted and that is exactly what I have always done." Jorge Pinheiro

Galeria 3 + 1 Arte Contemporânea


Tiago Baptista : 'The only show is the one that waits'.

View 3D exhibition Tiago Baptista's work reflects the relationships established between the painter, the observer, the moment of painting and what he presents. Faced with the problem of inhabiting a world charged with meaning, Tiago Baptista's work is nourished by the tension between the moment of painting, the figures and forms represented, but also the language and the meaning.

PADA Studios : 'TAKE CARE'.

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TAKE CARE is a group exhibition of residents and artists linked to the residence center PADA Studios. The exhibition brings together eight international artists invited to intervene on the concept of care in its various interpretations.

 Carlos Noronha Feio : 'at the end of it all is the beginning, the negotiation!

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Carlos Noronha Feio's artistic practice spans a variety of media and supports: painting, video sculpture, installation, tapestry and drawing, having as its basis philosophical inquiry into themes such as identity, nationalism, local and global culture, devices and the construction of meaning. His work develops distinctively in a rhizomatic structure, in which different series of research and work seek to defend and establish a broader picture rather than immediate coherence or chronological brevity.