What are Blue Chip artists? 3 keys to become an expert in this concept

Mar 27, 2023

What are Blue Chip artists? 3 keys to become an expert in this concept

You may have heard of the term Blue Chip in recent years if you are a fan of art fairs or auctions or the art market in general. But do you really know the history of this concept? 

In the art world, the concept of "Blue Chip" is used to refer to recognized artists, who have a profitability and are expected to maintain or increase their economic value over time. This term is not generally used in the contemporary art world, but it is a term that has become common among collectors who wish to invest.

This concept includes paintings by artists such as Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet . The Artprice100© index of top artists increased by 3% in 2022.



The term 'Blue Chip' comes from the stock market and refers to a stock that sells at a high price due to public confidence in its long history of consistent earnings. 


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3 Keys to becoming a Blue Chip expert


1. Is it a good investment?

To know whether Blue Chip artists are a good investment, we have to take into account the overall economic outlook. One of the most resilient markets is the art market, which has attracted a great deal of investment interest in recent years. 

It may seem to us that investing in this type of art is a safe bet, but there are some risks that we have to know how to identify. First of all, we have to take into account one of its disadvantages, the scarcity of this type of works, which produces an increase in their price. Therefore, we can say that art is a market with some "heterogeneous" products, that is to say, no two works are the same, which can lead to fraud or forgery.  

From RedCollectors, we recommend that to invest in Blue Chip artists, we recommend to go to first level galleries or expert advisors on this subject. 


Is it sound to invest in Blue Chip?

The solidity of this type of artists is one of the main advantages when you decide to invest in their works. We are talking about consecrated artists, where over time they have created a consolidated and clear art style, declared by the professionals of the sector. Therefore, this type of work is a safe bet, since it is very difficult for its value to decrease over the years and, on the contrary, it is an investment with a great long-term return. 


3. Where Buy or view works by Blue Chip artists?

In case we want to invest in established artists, to make sure that we are in front of works of "Blue Chip" artists, we can go to internationally renowned galleries, dedicated exclusively to this type of artists or to auctions. The list of Blue Chip artists is growing every day, as well as private collectors.  

In case we simply want to see this type of works, where many of them have a cultural interest, we can go to internationally recognized museums, where many of them are located, such as Guernica by Pablo Picasso or The Starry Night by Van Gogh. 


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