Venice Art Biennale 2024: A Journey to the Heart of Contemporary Art

Venice Art Biennale 2024: A Journey to the Heart of Contemporary Art

Apr 25, 2024

What is the Venice Biennale?

Venice, city of canals and palaces, is preparing to be the epicenter of contemporary art once again on the occasion of a new Biennale.

The Venice Biennale began in 1895 and is considered one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the world, showcasing research and new contemporary cultural trends.


The Venice Biennale is organized in all its sectors - Art, Architecture, Cinema, Dance, Theater, Music - with exhibition, performance, research and training activities.

The Art Biennial When does it begin, where does it take place, who directs it and what is the theme of this edition?

The Venice Biennale of Art officially opens the doors of its 60th edition 60th edition from April 20 to November 24, 2024, being once again a global gathering of artists, curators and art enthusiasts.

Adriano Pedrosa - renowned curator and artistic director of the Museu de Arte de São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand since 2014 - is the curator of the 2024 edition of art, whose title is title is. "Foreigners Everywhere", foreigners everywhere, which comes from a series of works made since 2004 by the Parisian collective Claire Fontaine.

The Venice Gardens and Arsenale will be the main stage of the Biennale, where the national pavilions and the International Exhibition will be located.

What is the difference between the national pavilions and the international exhibition of the Biennial?

One of the unique features of the Venice Biennale is the presence of the national pavilions located in the Gardens, where each participating country has the opportunity to showcase its own selection of artists and works in an exclusive country pavilion. 

The International Central Exhibition, on the other hand, is an exhibition curated by a specific artistic director, in this edition Adriano Pedrosa, and divided into two nuclei: the contemporary nucleus (also in the Gardens) and the historical nucleus (in the Arsenal). This exhibition aims to present an overview of contemporary art, selecting works by artists from various regions and backgrounds, whose reflections surround the theme of the current edition. 

The 60th edition of the Venice Art Biennale includes the participation of 88 countries and its distribution makes the Venice Biennale a space for intercultural dialogue.

Who chooses the national curators?

The selection of national curators for the Venice Biennale pavilions is a complex process involving different actors. In general, it is the cultural authorities of each country that are in charge of selecting the curators, taking into account their experience, prestige and knowledge of the national art scene.

The prizes awarded at the Biennial are as follows

The Venice Art Biennale recognizes the work of outstanding artists through various prizes awarded by an international jury, composed of experts in the field of art, which aim to reward creativity, innovation and artistic excellence.

The most important award of the Biennial is the Golden Lion. Golden Lionwhich is awarded in two categories:

  • Golden Lion for Best National Participation
  • Golden Lion for the Best Artist of the Central International Exhibit

In addition, the Venice Biennale awards other important prizes, such as:

  • Silver Lion
  • Special Jury Prize
  • Special Mentions

Featured artists at the Venice Biennale 2024 edition

Here are three unique artists who are present at the Biennial, promising a captivating and provocative artistic experience.

Sandra Gamarra, emerges as a provocative voice at the Venice Biennale, challenging the colonial structures rooted in the Spanish collective consciousness.

Nil Yalter, whose multidisciplinary work challenges social and political norms while reflecting on migration and diaspora.

Manal AlDowayan, whose works explore women's empowerment and the complexities of the cultural context in the Arab world.


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