12 LGTBI+ artists by Javier Díaz-Guardiola

Jun 27, 2022

12 LGTBI+ artists by Javier Díaz-Guardiola

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Javier Díaz-Guardiola is a journalist, critic and exhibition curator. He is currently coordinator of the art, architecture and design section of ABC Cultural, editor-in-chief of ABC de ARCO and author of the contemporary art blog "Siete de Un Golpe".


Cabello and Carceller 

What a body can (Pearl,) #2, 2020, Photography, 50 x 60 cm, Editions: 6


They have been mapping dissident sexual and gender identities since the 1990s, in a work that, in some cases, combines the artistic with the anthropological. They have paved the way for many artists in our country, where there was no defined genealogy of this type.


Carlos Aires

Telediario IV, 2021, Escultura, 77 x 126 x 13 cm, Ediciones: 3



The abuses of power, the power of the media, clichés, violence, popular culture... Nothing escapes the radar of this artist, who revisits a certain Andalusian baroque style and combines it with a queer gaze that invites reflection.


Cristóbal Tabares

Plástico ruso, 2021, Pintura, 73 x 60 cm



Incisive criticism is not at odds with humour. Tabares is unique in bringing back in the form of painting the most absurd side of our society of spectacle. His latest works focus on Mother Russia, the scourge of LGTBi rights.


Dario Villalba

Jones [Documento Básico], 1975, Mixta, 40,5 x 64,5 cm



He was a pioneer in the use of photography as a pictorial medium in Spain and Europe. In his quest, he turned individuals set aside by society itself into objects of desire. His gaze is still relevant today.


Guillermo Peñalver

Estudio en gris (Tarde de verano) , 2021, Mixta, 29,5 x 21 cm



He is a magician of drawing, in which he mixes graphite with cut paper, generating collages with different layers, also of meaning. With them he relates his own life in the form of a small diary that transcends through empathy. 


Guillermo Pérez Villalta

Sin título, 1999, Grabado, 28,5 x 26,5 cm



Always guided by an ideal of beauty, the multidisciplinary work of this Andalusian artist is guided by proportion, order and careful compositions. In them, the man - male, masculine - is established as the centre, in a kind of new humanism of contemporaneity.


Jean Carlos Puerto

Un día después, 2020, Pintura, 40 x 45 x 3 cm



It is difficult to find figurative painting in which the nude is not anchored to academic models. Jean Carlos Puerto achieves this and also manages to sublimate the eroticism surrounding the male body.


José Antonio Vallejo

My own Wonderland., 2017, Dibujo, 70 x 100 x 1 cm



Childhood as a refuge, but also as a stage into which nightmares creep. Vallejo's work de-romanticises these spaces but also sublimates them, demonstrating that it is in them that our personality takes its first steps.


Joao Gabriel

Sin título, 2018, Pintura, 156 x 158 cm



The scenes from which this young Portuguese painter takes his starting point are stills from gay pornographic films. Even so, the result is far from disturbing to turn his scenes into pictorial realms in which the spectator delights.


Juan Hidalgo

Un beso más, 2003, Fotografía, 70 x 70 cm, Ediciones: 4



It took him a long time to receive his National Prize, which finally endorsed a multifaceted career as a collective (ZAJ Group) or solo artist, in which 'cataloguing' (and humour) became weapons that he wielded with sharp irony.


Miguel Benlloch

Tengo Tiempo, 1994, Video, Ediciones: 4



He is another of the seminal figures of Spanish queer art decades ago, now brought back to prominence by museums and galleries. Benlloch moved well in the tempestuous waters of performance and political activism. A point of reference.


Toni Catany

Barcelona, 1989, Fotografía, 24 x 30 cm



He sought beauty in transience, including that of the young male body. In this sense, he imposed a courageous model for his time that is now repeated ad nauseam by many of today's photographers.


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