Isolina Arbulu and Reiners Contemporary Art at Marbella Gallery Weekend

Nov 07, 2022

Isolina Arbulu and Reiners Contemporary Art at Marbella Gallery Weekend


MUAC - Union of Contemporary Art Galleries of Marbella organizes for the third consecutive year, from Thursday 10 to Sunday 13 November, MARBELLA GALLERY WEEKEND in order to publicize the effervescent contemporary art scene that develops in the city of Malaga.

From RedCollectors, we show you 6 galleries to visit during this weekend in Marbella and discover the art scene currently proposed by the city. 

Isolina Arbulu

Urb. Cortijo de Nagüeles, 88D, 29602 Marbella, Málaga

Javier Erre : "Pink is not a color".

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Rosa is not a color presents the pictorial work of the young artist from Zamora, Javier Erre (1981). The pieces are a reflection on memory, the artist's memories, and their survival and influence in the present. Twenty-one oil paintings on wood, linen and canvas in which the artist mixes his own memories with the collective memory.

The exhibition shows us, through a set of minimal everyday narratives, a kind of photographic album in which the artist fictionalizes the story of a child who reveals himself as the painter's alter ego in an exercise of remembrance, not without a certain nostalgia, of his childhood. Through this central character, on whom he casts a look between tender and ironic, the artist presents us with a story about awakening to life, uprooting, conflict and self-acceptance.


Reiners Contemporary Art

Centro Comercial Camoján Corner, Local 9, 29602 Marbella, Málaga

Lukas Jakob | "Young POETS".

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"Young Poets" brings together outstanding positions of young contemporary artistic production. In pictorial, sculptural and installation arrangements, the works lead the viewer into dreamlike, partly voyeuristic still lifes of the digital off. From deeply rooted childhood memories, spiritual snapshots of captivating materiality are created that question our everyday relationship to touch and encounters in a digital desert. Like a cold love letter, as conceptual compositions, they invite us to resist the temptation of their beauty.