Aberto Galicia, the exhibition season begins for Galician galleries

Sep 15, 2022

Aberto Galicia, the exhibition season begins for Galician galleries

How to start September on the right foot? We have the perfect plan for you this month. 

The season of artistic events begins throughout Spain. From Galicia, you can enjoy the opening of its 2022/2023 exhibition season in style, with Aberto Galicia, an event where eight Galician galleries inaugurate their exhibitions this September, organized by CONTEMPORÁNEA, the Galician Association of Contemporary Art Galleries .

Among them are four galleries where you can discover works of art with different techniques, from the paintings of Din Matamoro or Gloria García Lorca to the plastic works of Ana Pérez Ventura and the metaphorical photographs of Soledad Córdoba. 


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METRO Gallery

Rúa do Xeneral Pardiñas, 12-16, Local 14, 15701 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña

Ana Pérez Ventura: "Tourner la page".


In this exhibition by Ana Pérez Ventura we can see unpublished pieces from two series she has been working on for years, in which she uses two opposing processes: on the one hand, the addition of paint in the multiple layers of the Études, and, on the other, the subtraction based on the perforations of the wood in the Notages. his exhibition also includes her first work in volume from this series, Tourner la page. It is a work inspired by the "accordions" of sheet music that pianists build to place all the pages spread out on the music stand and thus avoid having to pass them while playing.

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bajo, Rúa Uruguay, 1, 15004 A Coruña

Soledad Córdoba:"Trilogy of the soul. Transcendence"

"Trilogy of the soul. Transcendence" is the second solo photographic exhibition at Moret Art by Soledad Córdoba, a renowned Asturian artist based in Madrid. This project, carried out during 2019, arises from the award of the prestigious Leonardo grant to researchers and cultural creators 2017 of the BBVA Foundation, with which the author makes a journey through American deserts, as she finds in them the "propitious place for revelation, for transcendence", in the words of Zara Fernández de Moya, curator of the project.

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Vilaseco Gallery

Rúa Padre Feijoo, 5, 15004 A Coruña

Gloría García Lorca: "Ardora".

The title of the exhibition comes from a bioluminescence phenomenon called Sea of Ardora by which the water of the sea glows in the dark with the breaking of the waves or any other type of movement. In Galicia it can be seen more easily between late August and September, when winds and heat favor the phenomenon, the artist saw it for the first and only time last summer on the beach of Corrubedo. Inspired by this phenomenon, Gloria García Lorca presents ten pieces painted on cotton canvas with acrylic paint and a ceramic piece made of refractory clay and enamel.

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4. Trinta Gallery

Rúa da Virxe da Cerca, 24, 15703 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña

Din Matamoro: "The weight of light".

According to Din Matamoro "Painting is a matter of superimpositions and layers, of color on color, of tones, of shades, of transparencies and lights that we sometimes understand when we look at it from the side. Let's not forget that painting is a physical act because it works with matter, a matter that can be light or an extension of colored light, or light that is matter. All these things are in the air, in the gaze that lights up, in the brain, and levitate in the exhibition space, in the uncertainty of our time."


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