6 3D exhibitions not to be missed

Jun 07, 2022

6 3D exhibitions not to be missed

Visiting a gallery from anywhere in the world is a privilege that we offer you. Visit 3D exhibitions in Madrid, Asturias or Marbella and buy works of art online. 


1. Moret Art Gallery

Bajo, Rúa Uruguay, 1, 15004 A Coruña

Marcos Tamargo : "Daraja

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In "Daraja", his first solo show in Galicia and at Moret Art, Marcos Tamargo presents a selection of his recent years of work. In this way, his works linked to Kenya, the series Anábasis blanca, and his current bridges, together with works made with his innovative MoveArt technique - which allows him to build two paintings on the same support, one visible in natural light and the other in the dark with transparent paint - dialogue with each other and build a viaduct or "bridge" (meaning of the title of the exhibition in Swahili) from 2015 to the present day.


2. Isolina Arbulu Gallery

29602 88D, Malaga 

Paula Valdeón and Lola Guerrera 'Frontiers of earth and light' .


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Painting, sculpture, photography and installation make up two united projects that use mundane details to examine the whole, creating these frontiers of earth and light. Lola Guerrera and Paula Valdeón are two artists of a young generation whose gaze awakens new doubts, both starting from the everyday in search of universality. Their proposal overwhelms us, leaving us intrigued to know more of their story. Both feminine, delicate and fine proposals are striking to the spectator and invite him to know more of their story. Two women who have more future than past, as their work is still an open story.


3. Palmadotze Gallery

 Camí de Mas Pujó, s/n, 08730 Els Monjos, Barcelona

Hernández Pijuan and Antoni Arola | 'Hernández Pijuan. The gaze of Antoni Arola'.

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The exhibition includes a selection of works by both artists, in which colour and light are the protagonists and common elements in their respective works. Thanks to the gaze and approach of

Antoni Arola to the painter's work, light and colour go hand in hand and establish a respectful dialogue in which the works of each are expressed.


4. Vilaseco Gallery

Rúa Padre Feijoo, 5, 15004 A Coruña

Nuno Sousa | 'Não Me Lembro Da Primeira Vez Que Olhei Para O Céu' (I Can't Remember The First Time I Smelled To Heaven)

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The exhibition, which was conceived a year ago, has a central core of 14 graphite drawings on large-format paper belonging to the Linha Funda series, which was created by the Portuguese artist based on cartographic clichés from the second half of the 19th century. The series represents an approach to the firmament, playing with the dichotomy we reach when we observe the stars, in which concepts such as science and spirituality come together to show concepts such as light, darkness, closeness or remoteness.


5. Miguel Nabinho Gallery

R. Ten. Ferreira Durão 18 B, 1350-315 Lisbon, Portugal

Jorge Pinherio : 'Instrospectively'.

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"In my fundamental livelihood I could afford to do whatever I wanted and that is exactly what I have always done." Jorge Pinheiro


6. Elba Benítez Gallery

C. de San Lorenzo, 11, 28004 Madrid

Oriol Vilanova : 'With my eyes open in the dark

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