17 must-see galleries at Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend

Dec 10, 2021

17 must-see galleries at Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend

Opening Madrid Gallery Weekend begins and from RedCollectors we bring you the virtual tour of 17 essential galleries. Live a unique experience and collect the best contemporary art pieces of the moment.


Galleries not to be missed at Apertura


The Ponce + Robles gallery, inaugurated in 2012, is the union of two Madrid gallery owners, Raquel Ponce and José Robles. With an extensive trajectory, their gallery gives visibility to Spanish artists on the international scene. They have participated in more than 80 fairs in Spain and abroad, such as ARCO Madrid, Zona Maco in Mexico City, Art Lima, Parc Lima, Volta in Basel, Pinta Miami and Frieze New York.


Carlos Nunes, Chantal Peñalosa, Ding Musa, Elza Maria Sinimbu, Pilar Quinteros and Patricio Blanche

Tragedy was chewing in the air



Freijo Gallery was founded in Madrid in 2010 with the aim of giving visibility to conceptual art, visual poetry, performance and sound art.



Concha Jerez

Time measurements



Since its inauguration in 1990, the Galería Elba Benítez has embraced the broad spectrum of supports of contemporary artistic production (sculpture, painting, photography, video, site-specific installations, performance, collective actions). During these years, the gallery has endeavored to explore other channels of artistic expression formed by the interaction of art with other disciplines, such as architecture, cinema, tourism, urbanism and the production of projects for public spaces.



Nohemí Pérez, Marwan Rechmaoui, Dierk Schmidt

Painting and Geopolitics



Inaugurated at the end of 2001, the Galería Fernando Pradilla aims to promote and disseminate contemporary art developed in Latin America and Spain, acting as a bridge of knowledge of the artistic expressions of both continents.



Alberto Baraya

Fables of an artificial naturalist



1 Mira Madrid focuses on current artistic practices in Eastern Europe and Latin America, without ever forgetting the national scene. For this new project, the commitment to socio-political and feminist art was reinforced, with the double objective of questioning and initiating a debate on the context in which we currently live.



Esther Ferrer




Patricia Lara founded The RYDER in a garage on London's notorious Herald Street in 2015. In four years the gallery has become a platform for artistic discourses that understand the process of creation as an end and performance as a medium that dialogues with contemporary society.



Belén Uriel




Specializing in photography and visual arts, Blanca Berlin focuses on the most innovative trends in contemporary Spanish and international photography, represented by both established artists and promising talents. Occasionally, it welcomes artistic disciplines other than photography.



Cecilia Paredes

That old tunnel called time



Founded in 2001 in Alicante, since December 2019 Aural has a new headquarters in Madrid, with which it seeks to consolidate a gallery project that lies in defending contemporary artistic practices by working with national and international artists whose discourses are based on a personal line of research and contemporary thought.



José Maldonado




The Álvaro Alcázar Gallery focuses its attention on the diffusion of contemporary art. The gallery's program is based on the representation and exhibition of established and mid-career Spanish and foreign artists. The gallery features different artistic disciplines such as painting, sculpture, photography and video.


Rafael Canogar




Camara Oscura is a multidisciplinary art gallery specialising in international contemporary photography. Our value proposition is to present to the collector the best current artists, selected with a professional, alternative and transgressive criteria, as well as to promote our artists with a vision of the future, with special emphasis on participation in international fairs.



Ellen Kooi

Written in Water



Galeria Casado Santapau was founded in 2007 and represents established artists who are in the middle of their professional careers and who experiment with various formats. The gallery's curatorial program is a fundamental pillar in the idea of using this space as a laboratory to interrogate new languages in contemporary art within the limits of minimal and conceptual art.



Enrique Martínez Celaya

A Poem to Madrid



The Rafael Perez Hernando Gallery was inaugurated for the first time in 1996 in Madrid and moved to Orellana Street 18 in 2004, where it began an exhibition line in which emerging artists and established painters stand out. The gallery works with rigor and coherence in its proposal, where color, imperfection, light, emptiness and balance coexist.



Simon Callery




Founded in 1996 by Moisés Pérez de Albéniz, Galería MPA has fostered the careers of a diverse group of nationally and internationally renowned artists, both emerging and established, working in multiple disciplines and across diverse media. Galería MPA represents artists from the United States, Europe and South America in Madrid.



Elvira Amor

Jungle trails



Inaugurated in 2014, Lucía Mendoza is a contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Madrid. The gallery's proposal includes artists from different countries and cultures whose practices and aesthetics suppose, from different disciplines of the visual arts, a contribution to contemporary socio-cultural research; revealing, as an intention of the gallery's artistic direction, the role of contemporary art as a mirror of today's society, in its broadest and most complex sense, as well as its interaction with the environment.



Josefina Guilisasti

The sea is dressed in feathers and the ice is painted in red



F2 Galería, directed by Paloma González and Enrique Tejerizo, opens its exhibition space in Madrid in mid-2014. F2 Galería represents Spanish and international artists, established and emerging, seeking to play an important role in the European art scene.



Federico Miró




Sabrina Amrani opened the gallery of the same name based in Madrid, Spain, in June 2011. French of Algerian origin, she was raised in a mix of cultures, traditions and habits that are common to most of the artists she works with. The gallery represents artists across East and West, bridging cultural gaps and promoting the exchange of dialogue and intellectual development through dialogue.



Group Exhibition

Out of Place



The proposal of Silvestre Gallery has the vocation to work in the artistic field of the most contemporary painting without discarding other disciplines such as sculpture, photography, drawing... Its ideology is to welcome emerging artists with a trajectory and work experience already consolidated. Everything without haste, from the pause and celebrating every situation with joy and the advantage of the common.



Rebecca Glover

To the edge of what I wasn't, I was