The pictorial journey of an artist is like life itself, it is full of stages. Bernat Saus has come a long way, despite his age, and Diálogos is the last stage of this journey, for the moment.

The exhibition space is flooded by the subtle wave of fresh and vibrant colours that make up Saus 's pieces, allowing the white of the wall to breathe. The intense blue of the pure pigment on a simple plaster that triangulates with the larger canvases creates a dialogue between them, culminating a journey through the tireless search for the expressiveness of the stain.
Diálogos is a beginning, an experiment, a new door that Bernat Saus is crossing to expand the palette of expressions and resources available to him, to grow as an artist and therefore as a person and to take a step beyond the tangible and the real to reach the entrails of what we know as art.