"Salitre", by Capi Cabrera, is the proposal of Galería VANGAR.
"The Canary Islands is a place full of contrasts, the beaches, volcanic areas, ravines and badlands of natural beauty are related in a matter of minutes with the idiosyncrasy and authenticity of its streets, its customs and fluorescent beach towels. This is how this last year Capi Cabrera has undertaken a project connecting with simplicity, using painting as an articulating element of his fascination with the Canary Islands and its identity as an artistic engine. The colors of the landscape of the islands, blues, ochres and whites together with the shapes of its ravines, the sea and the knowledge of the tides are tremendously inspiring contrasts for an artist sensitive to the environment in which he was born. The action of painting, gestures and matter are simple elements, but tremendously poetic and attractive, a method of expression that generates languages that turn energy into something physical. In this way the pictorial work does not try to represent a unique idea of landscape or territory but to find through the pictorial action and its palette of colors a space of transformation and understanding of that which is lived".