WAR RADIO SHOW, an exhibition curated by Ricardo Forriols and featuring artists Acaymo S. Cuesta, Irma Marco, Xavier Monsalvatje, Javier Rodríguez Pino, Sabela Zamudio and Colección Alfaro Hoffman.
"The exhibition has as its particular origin a well-known radio apparatus manufactured in Germany, the VE301 which, designed around 1933 following the instructions of Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda of the 3rd Reich, was marketed at a modest price as "the people's radio". It is an example of design, production and technology in the service of politics, a "modern" media propaganda tool to spread the ideas of Hitler's National Socialist government. We have one of these devices, on loan from the Alfaro Hoffman collection, which will be in the room along with documentation from the period. Pointing to the same loudspeaker aspect of power and society of the media, but pointing in another direction, as has been proven in situations of natural disaster and has been used as a plot element in the cinema, if telephone lines, satellites or Internet disconnection were to fall, human beings could continue to communicate at a distance through the radio, since it is a wireless system that uses electromagnetic waves as a channel. From the presence of the device, its function and context almost a century ago, we want to relate history to the armed conflict Russia-Ukraine and current events (information and counter information, fakes through networks, media), raising a group show that addresses the problem of communication control, the political deformation of reality, repression, violence and its results, the crisis and the catastrophe that war entails."