"Punk is (not) dead."


Punk Beginnings 2022 - New tracks "El Punk (no) ha muerto" by artists Gema Polanco, Álvaro Porras and Javier Bravo de Rueda.
"For this start of the season the attitude we are looking for is to say ENOUGH!... that is, an explosion, like Punk. An attitude full of rage, speed, noise, incorrectness, nonconformity, denial, opposition and provocation that originated in music in the seventies of the twentieth century and spread beyond the music scene. An explosion whose effects make punk one of the most influential cultural references of the 20th century. [ ...]
To take up the famous phrase "punk (is not) dead" is to affirm that punk is indeed one of the living dead, a zombie that has continued to gain followers. None of the artists in this exhibition by birth was a witness of the original movement, but in them we find the use of elements that revive that attitude in a new moment, such as noise, cut-out typography, anti-design and ugliness [...].