"SHARQI", a choral work created by Joan Bernat Pineda (Bechuan), Isabel de Piero, Cristina Lozano, José María Hortelano, Yolanda Medina, Marta Lorenzi, Carmen Zaragoza, Isabel Bilbao and Rafel Arnal.

"The experience that emanates from this collective work originally proposed by Joan Bernat Pineda, combines various disciplines and elements that build it: dance, music, diegetic sound, body expression, kinesthetic sensation, space-time, light or plastic movement among others. Because of its configuration, six filmmakers are involved in the creation of the project: Marta Lorenzi, Isabel De Piero, Yolanda Medina, Cristina Lozano, Carmen Zaragozà and myself; the musician Rafel Arnal, the photographer José María Hortelano and Pineda himself as choreographer and dancer. This group is not just a group of people with skills that come together to obtain a result conceived and closed a priori. Those who compose it, besides coinciding all of them in the specialty or training as filmmakers, combine it with their practice in other fields that contribute multiple knowledge: plastic arts, contemporary dance, musical composition, aesthetic theory, Eastern and Western philosophy, meditation techniques and even fashion and trends. The work is nourished by a choral creativity in which all the participating parts build the whole by sharing knowledge, decisions and risks."
Isabel Bilbao