Galería Freijo - Opening Madrid Gallery Weekend 2021

Calle de Zurbano, 46, 28010 Madrid

Freijo Gallery
Galería Freijo - Opening Madrid Gallery Weekend 2021


Since the early 1980s, both the concept of Measurement/Measurement and the various concepts of Time have been topics of constant reflection that Concha Jerez has dealt with in her work from different angles.
The exhibition that the artist will hold at Freijo Gallery in Madrid between September 9 and November 2, 2021, has as its content the presentation of a selection of pieces focused on the relationship between these concepts as MEASUREMENTS OF TIME.

We would like to point out that many of the works presented here had their origin in installations or interventions carried out by Concha Jerez for specific places in different parts of the world, from which pieces have emerged as residues. It should also be noted that in the elaboration of many of the works, the author has also carried out various actions, mostly private, whose residues have been integrated into their elaboration.

Thus, pieces such as TIEMPO LÍMITE INTERIOR (1986-88), MEDIDA (1983-86), RESIDUOS DE UTOPÍAS ROTAS (1994-99) and TEMPUS (1984-89), have their origin in installations made on the first date indicated in brackets, while in XM3 DE CIUDAD REAL (1991-97), CAMINANDO ENTRE and A LA MEMORIA DE...(2006-21) arise from private actions made by the artist, although in many of the mentioned ones both methods of realization intervene. Finally, as a common thread of the exhibition, Concha Jerez will carry out two specific interventions in the Gallery: ENTRE ESCRITOS AUTOCENSURADOS (2021) and CAMINANDO ENTRE LETRAS (2021).