The Summer Embrace


"Summer's Embrace" is not only a painting exhibition, it is also an emotional journey through time and space, a shared experience, a story of complicity and generosity, a reminder of the ephemeral beauty of summer, sifted by the gaze of an artist capable of capturing its essence and preserving it forever.

Summer is beach, swimming, fun, relaxation, sunset, friends, warm nights, love. It is perhaps the most photographed time of the year, seeking to capture the magical moment that will never be lived again. Federico Granell records with his tools those fleeting moments, as frames of a film that through the appearance of things transports us to the mood and emotions that accompany each scene. He takes us on a visual journey that celebrates the beauty of the ordinary and the magic of the everyday. He reminds us that in every moment, no matter how mundane it may seem, lies the spark waiting to be discovered and appreciated, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Well known for his work in Moleskine notebooks, Federico Granell presents his second exhibition at METRO Gallery, coinciding with his participation as guest artist in Compostela Ilustrada, an annual art event that brings together well-known cartoonists and fans of the art of drawing, who for several days share the city to represent it from multiple perspectives. In addition to a selection of his emblematic notebooks, the exhibition will include other supports and formats that demonstrate the artist's ability to construct evocative visual micro-stories of moments lived and fixed in the retina, as if it were a photographic camera. His skill with pencils, with color, with the stroke, ..., does the rest.

Federico Granell (Cangas de Narcea, 1974) has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca, has been awarded a scholarship by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, with further studies in London with the Socrates Scholarship and a course at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan. He has participated in many artistic residencies in different parts of the world, most recently at Bottega Tommaso de Canicattini Bagni, Siracusa, (Sicily). His work is present in the Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias, DKV Collection, Masaveu Collection, Chambao Collection, Cajastur, El Corte Inglés, Diputación de Cáceres, Colegio de Abogados de Oviedo, Casa Consuelo, Otur. Reny Picot, Alvargonzález Foundation, Cudillero City Council, as well as in renowned private collections in Spain, France, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Latvia, Santo Domingo, Mexico, South Africa and Hong Kong.

Federico Granell Exhibition