"A line destined to disappear"


Isolina Arbulu Gallery presents the work of Chilean artist Rodrigo Zamora (Santiago 1970), a fragmented universe in which the artist invites the viewer to complete through his gaze the reconstructed elements that he presents to us, being our subjective perception the one that completes the meaning of his work.

Zamora starts his creative process from observation, long searching walks allow his camera to capture objects and landscapes that will later become passive subjects. It is his feet that initiate the creative process where his gaze rescues everyday objects that go unnoticed in the immensity of the landscape, universal objects with no defined place. Thus a forest in China is confused with a traffic sign in Chile or a façade in Argentina, creating a universality without borders.

The artist surprises us with the use of watercolor as the main medium, in an exhibition that presents fifteen large format works on paper.

Rodrigo Zamora Exhibition