Sound On


Shiras Galería, under the artistic direction of Sara Joudi, opens on 10 June at 18:00 the exhibition 'Sound on' by the artist Ricardo Escavy (Calasparra-1979). Following the gallery's line, the exhibition is presented in the words of the author as: "a continuation of his previous work TNT The Noise Time, also exhibited at Shiras, in which the graphic elements of the work and their behaviour in the plastic environment are understood as if they were sound stimuli, where rhythm, tone and space produce a sensation of temporality, leading the spectator towards a sonorous vision of the work, to an understanding of space as a container of time".

The artist presents his latest series 'Sound on' in the gallery's Main Hall in the form of 25 pieces, mainly in pictorial format, although there will also be some sculptural and even technological elements. It is a project of a geometric nature in which line and curve come together to recreate a polyphonic dialogue, like graphic instruments from which different perceptions mutate in the form of melodic images to reflect his double condition of painter and musician.

Ricardo Escavy Exhibition