Breaking down, overstepping, altering and extending borders. This is the title of the third solo exhibition of the German artist Regine Schumann (Goslar, 1961) at the Rafael Pérez Hernando gallery. A large installation, which bears the title of the exhibition, welcomes the viewer as soon as he or she enters. Alongside it, we find new acrylic glass works in various formats, and a series of small works on paper. The artist's predisposition to explore new creative paths has subsequently materialised in her new works. All of this cannot be understood without taking into account her recent stay at the artists' residence El Núcleo, located in the mountains of El Espinar, Segovia. In autumn 2019, the doors of El Núcleo opened to offer him a new place to live and work for two months, during which Schumann dedicated himself intensively to reflecting on and experimenting with the idea of "breaking down borders". This personal experience has undoubtedly influenced his creative process.

Regine Schumann Exhibition