LA POSADA' is a project by Pedro G. Romero for the galleries Alarcón Criado in Seville and àngels barcelona, in which a device is built that, on the one hand is a cinema projection room where fragments under construction of the film Los Caballos will be shown, based on the material Print in stables in Rome, and the archival material of Pedro G. Romero himself. Romero himself; on the other hand, it is a film set where various events will continue to be recorded in addition to the film, Los Caballos, such as conversations with filmmakers Isaki Lacuesta, María Pérez, Pilar Monsell, Virginia García del Pinto and María García Ruiz, performances by Diego de Morón and Dani de Morón, and the stellar presentations of the horse Victor K. in Barcelona and the draft horse Triana.

Pedro G. Romero Exhibition