Guide to possible worlds


The solo exhibition of Portuguese artist Pedro Calapez, entitled "Guía de mundos posibles" (Guide to Possible Worlds), is presented at the Fernando Pradilla Gallery. The show highlights painting as the essential foundation of Calapez's aesthetics, fusing research and praxis in a work that incorporates literary, architectural and plastic references, influenced by 20th century abstractionist movements.

Calapez's work explores conceptual contexts such as abstract expressionism, color fields, support surface and expanded painting. His approach seeks to challenge the traditional representation of reality, encouraging the viewer's active perception. The paintings on panel, especially the large-format diptychs, occupy the central core of the exhibition, providing the viewer with a visual itinerary to discover relationships in the work and its spatial arrangement.

Calapez, in his reflections on the project, reveals that he was inspired by an image from a book, "The Torture of Tantalus", which led to innovative sensations. The exhibition invites viewers to explore a parallel world of reflections on artistic processes, where the opposition of materials and the deconstruction of the visual plane are fundamental.

The exhibition highlights Calapez's connection to the literary world and his quest to maintain visual wonder and questioning. The work has also been presented in various institutions and biennials, consolidating Pedro Calapez's position in the contemporary art scene. His paintings, marked by experimentation and exploration of spatiality, have been exhibited in important museums and are part of public and private collections internationally.