Genovés + Genovés


The exhibition Genovés + Genovés is an exhibition that brings together for the first time the photographs of Pablo Genovés and the pictorial interventions of his father, Juan Genovés. In the process of creating his images, Pablo Genovés appropriates old prints and photographs found in markets and antique shops in Europe and then combines them with other images using digital techniques, giving them a new meaning. In this way we can see palaces, theatres or cathedrals invaded by violent waters, photographs with which he poses a lyrical and at the same time forceful reflection on the passing of time, memory and the durability of images.

These visionary and dystopian photomontages by Pablo Genovés are a metaphor for the disappearance of human civilisation. Thanks to digital tools, his photographs come close to painting and its capacity to create fictions. A symbiosis between painting and photography that reaches a new level thanks to the intervention of Juan Genovés.

Text: Tamara Ortega.

Two of Spain's most internationally renowned artists come together in an unprecedented exhibition in which the photographs of Pablo Genovés and his interiors flooded by raging seas coexist with the crowds of Juan Genovés, so characteristic of his pictorial production.


Pablo and Juan Genovés, Aurora Vigil-Escalera. Gijón, 2019