Pablo Mercado's work focuses on exploring human memory and how the brain processes and stores memories. His work combines complex installations with more traditional oil paintings. The Malaga-born artist has developed an interesting fusion between science, psychology and visual arts where his pieces combine pictorial and conceptual elements challenging the viewer's perception and stimulating reflection on the changing nature of our memories.

In "Visiones Fracturadas" the artist immerses himself in a new series that distances himself from traditional fragmentation, focusing on the essential modification of the object. Mercado has taken the canvas as the main material and, through ingenious techniques, deforms and transforms it to metaphorically represent the neuronal plasticity associated with memory. In this new exhibition, Mercado achieves an effective fusion of both approaches, resulting in pieces that fall somewhere between painting, sculpture and installation. This bold choice triggers a unique aesthetic experience that confronts visitors with the fluidity and malleability of memories.

The exhibition culminates with an installation that occupies the black room of the gallery where Pablo presents a large piece focused on the plasticity of memory. Linked to the personal memory of his father, the piece shows the impossibility of controlling the details of memory as well as the fear of modifying memories. The fragile balance between remembering, reconstructing and reinterpreting.

Pablo Mercado poses a testament to the power of art to explore and express profound issues related to the human condition. His multidisciplinary approach and ability to tackle complex issues make this exhibition a must-see event for all art and culture lovers.

Pablo Mercado Exhibition