"Light as a path and as a goal; metaphor, philosophy and aesthetics as a search and at the same time a discovery. Mystery, tensions, precision, poetics, escapes, life, the cosmos. These are the muscles that move the work of Pablo Armesto (Schaffhausen, 1970), new guest at Aurora Vigil-Escalera Galería de Arte, within whose walls he is building, in the form of a chamber exhibition, an extension of the Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias, where weeks ago he raised the ashlars of the architecture that supports his present, of the new and brilliant project that he now consolidates here, in Gijón, as a dazzling alliance with colour, to which he returns after more than a decade of moving between absolute whites and resounding blacks, often calm in greys. In fact, this is the title of this exhibition, 'Colour', which represents an aesthetic, but not an ethical change. Armesto maintains criteria, philosophy, values and radiance. The cosmic soul that defines his perfect past, the same spirit and the same energies beat in him. The powerful alliance between plastic and light, the geometry that conjugates everything, the transits, the restlessness, the symbols. The verses of matter and space. The artist's interior, which investigates, researches, wonders and ends up on the walls in the form of volumetric paintings or in free-standing sculptures raised above the floor, sometimes hanging from the ceiling, in which languages and creative intentions feed, dialogue and combine. They look at you and let themselves look at you, through their nerves of light, like an irresistible, almost hypnotic magnet, inviting you to enter their enigmatic constellations. These beautiful starry forms, which in some works seem to have been combed with a milky way and which have, as a whole, the power of a dreamlike atmosphere, but which are dominated by the will of a universe in which the main inhabitant is, without a doubt, reason".