In this exhibition we find geometric shapes and bright colours that return to a retro aesthetic typical of a generation that was marked by great technological and digital advances. The artist revisits the motifs that marked the last years of the twentieth century to take the viewer back to a bygone era through a contemporary gaze.

Technology, industry, consumerism and massification are just some of the motifs that give life to works that recover a beauty based on the substantial and the simple. The artist purifies and builds until he recovers the essence and the most characteristic of those objects that give life to his work, creating a paradox between container and content, since, despite their formal austerity, they reflect on an alienated and complex society, massified and superficial, in which people become mere automated pawns of a game or a machine in continuous advance.

In PARKING, Olmo Blanco presents works ranging from painting to jewellery and furniture, vindicating the artistic and expressive capacity of all of them. The works recover the aesthetics of the 90s; an urban aesthetic typical of a youth who enjoyed video game consoles and techno music, and in which video games and technology represented a social and recreational revolution, as well as an artistic one. Olmo Blanco recovers these motifs to adapt them to his own intrigues and endow them with a social and philosophical reason. In this way, we find modern, urban spaces that acquire a symbolic value in a world absorbed by those technological and industrial developments.

Olmo Blanco Exhibition