Antípodas' is the new project by the Valencian artist Nuria Rodríguez (Valencia-1965). As the artistic director Sara Joudi stresses: "After the success of her previous exhibition 'Crónicas al azar', presented in 2017 in the Sala Principal, it was only a question of time to take up the baton left by the artist and take it to its maximum exponent through a plastic journey of painting, drawing, sculpture and installation".

Antipodes' is presented as a desire to make visible the discoveries, the adventures and the chance of an imagined place totally opposed to the one we inhabit at the moment. All this in the form of a visual collection of objects, images and curiosities that the artist transforms and remakes in search of new locations and a constant dialogue with which to find new meanings. Nuria herself defines this project as a preparation prior to the beginning of the creative journey, where an amalgam of failure and chance forms a recognisable portrait of images of what is thought and what is painted.

Nuria Rodríguez Exhibition