'Não Me Lembro Da Primeira Vez Que Olhei Para O Céu' (I Can't Remember The First Time I Smelled To The Sky)


The exhibition, which was conceived a year ago, has a central core of 14 graphite drawings on large-format paper belonging to the Linha Funda series, which was created by the Portuguese artist based on cartographic clichés from the second half of the 19th century. The series represents an approach to the firmament, playing with the dichotomy we reach when we observe the stars, in which concepts such as science and spirituality come together to show concepts such as light, darkness, closeness or remoteness.

Also about temperature and light, absence and presence is the installation "Expanding reality", in which five waterproof MDF radiators, with their corresponding tubes and electrical connections, dialogue facing the works, inviting us to see that other invisible dimension that gives us the perception of the moments according to the environment that surrounds us.

The exhibition is completed by the piece "Para Não Ficarmos Sujeitos a Um Exteriror Qualquer", consisting of 15 wooden shutters hanging on the wall in another room, which play with the space inside and outside: "the piece is a border zone between inside and outside", explains the artist.