The persistence of desire


The sculptural work of the series The Persistence of Desire (2022-2023), produced with the 3D plastic printing technique, combines elements of nature and human culture using the representation of wild animals such as foxes, wolves, giraffes, rhinoceroses and elephants, as well as incorporating elements of universal iconic architecture. The Tower of Babel, the Tower of Pisa, the Empire State Building, the Guggenheim Museum or a nuclear power plant are some of the emblematic buildings recreated in this series.

The presence of these architectural elements alongside the images of wild animals is a reminder of the influence humanity has on ecosystems, and the existence of a constant friction between these two worlds, as well as a reference to the idea that human power is fragile and ephemeral in the face of the force of nature. The fusion of these elements creates a visual tension that provokes reflections on our relationship with the natural environment and the ways in which humanity has altered the biosphere in pursuit of its own comfort and progress, and how our actions can have a lasting impact on the environment endangering the existence of the species.

Nadín Ospina's work is directed towards the detection and reaffirmation of cultural fusions and interactions, the allegorical representation of symbolic encounters as a metaphor of contemporary historical events, humor as a tool for reflection and the appeal to the imagery of Pop culture.

Nadín Ospina Exhibition