From crisis to risk


The Fernando Pradilla gallery presents in its galleries the fifth exhibition by Valencian artist Mira Bernabéu (Aspe, 1969), titled la crisis al riesgo... and which brings together two projects carried out between 2017 and 2022: Estado de incertidumbre (2017-2019) and Microrrebeldías (2019-2022). The exhibition is completed with an essay by philosopher Eloy Fernández Porta entitled Letra por letra, el espanto.

The evolution of the four years covered by these projects can be seen as a journey between crises of different orders through very diverse spheres. From the personal and sentimental to the collective and political; from the ruptures of the established to the bankruptcies and chaos as a new world order; and, above any other critical situation, the pandemic standing out as a globalized milestone. With no other motive than art, with no other meaning than to understand the place we occupy in all this, Mira Bernabéu brings both worlds together and draws her conclusions that, in a way, look to the future with her head turned towards the past. The series of Prints Los desastres de la guerra and Los caprichos de Goya weave a contemporary narrative that is only contemporary in terms of actuality, and not in its meaning and depth, which is why the artist continues to wonder about the great doubts and fears of always.

Mira Bernabeu Exhibition