Everything weighs


The work that Miguel Marina shows us is full of absence, what he paints remains hidden in a tension of rhythms in another place, in another moment. We only see the vestige of a fleeting and decisive movement, which keeps on the canvas traces of other paintings, where, if we look closely, we see its trail. Traces that come and go, and that let us intuit that succession of decisions, so that the internal relations that sustain the painting appear. A series of paths that lead us to different centres of gravity that make it possible for everything to weigh and nothing to fall. With this exhibition the author continues the work developed in the paper-tablecloths painted in 2017-2018 during his stay at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome. To emphasise his position in the way of understanding painting from the need to continue painting. An invitation to abandon oneself in this appearance of relationships and random shapes to reach what George Duthuit called the "floating attention" so necessary to look and not fall.

Pilar Soler Montes.