The body of love


In Latin, corpse means fallen. And as Bourgeoise would say, I am interested in the art of falling, of knowing how to fall. When the night is my memory brings together various representations of death from different cultures such as Sumerian, Mayan, Aztec, Hindu, Greek, African or Egyptian among others.

The images vary depending on the social and cultural context that they build around an idea: death is the only certainty of the human being.
This invites reflection on the uncertainty of life and death itself. On the ignorance of what exists on the other side.

Everything created by man is subject to transformation and death. Proof of this is the change of thought, traditions and meanings around it. This syncretic piece speaks to us in a cyclical way of multi-culturality and at the same time of identity.
Death as change, mutation, revolution, transformation, the action of cutting and moving forward, destroying in order to create.
Cyclical time - There is no time