In this exhibition, her first solo exhibition at Moret Art, María Treviño presents hyper-realistic pictorial works of aquatic scenes and still lifes with multiple references to childhood that reveal her vision of the summer month.

The author says of the project: "The fact is that in the end I decided to tell through my work, painting, who I am in August. The month between parentheses, because it is the exception. The one I spend at the family home by the sea, my grandparents' house. These paintings are snapshots of those summer days. They are some of my circumstances, of my experiences. There, time slows down, family life intensifies, the children teach us how to squeeze every second, memories take centre stage in many of the conversations and the sea becomes the core of our days. Through them I immerse myself in the salt water and reconstruct myself (as Virginia Woolf says) because, in the end, everything is autobiographical".