Archive: 1980-2008'.


Hincapié's 30 years of production are the testimony of an artist whose life was her poetic proposal. Her radicalism consisted in showing through her body - her plastic material - that it was possible to live in a different way. "We have to make the world more human, more supportive, more communitarian", she said. Words that, beyond being a utopian sentence and which we now read also as an ecopolitical declaration, expressed a profound tension with the continuous acts of violence that were taking place in Colombia at that time. In Hincapié there was a deep need to stop, to experience and imagine another world. From her first appearances as a theatre actress in Ondina in 1985 and Parquedades, which she made together with the artist José Alejandro Restrepo in 1987 and where she prioritised improvisation using her own body through music and experimentation with other media, to performances such as Esta tierra es mi cuerpo (1992) and El espacio se mueve despacio (2004), Hincapié always sought to activate another time, a new time.