In Gijón again


The Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery presents, from 25 September to 3 November, "Luis Gordillo. En Gijón de nuevo ", his third solo exhibition together after" Sesión continua "in 2017 and" Recordando "in 2014 at the Sala Van Dyck. The artist, born in Seville 1934, shows a selection of his most recent works in which he navigates between diverse artistic influences: Informalism, Pop-Art and Geometric Abstraction. His particular interpretation and perpetual renewal have made him one of Spain's leading visual artists, adored by critics, followed by generations of artists and studied by art historians. The exhibition opens with fifteen drawings measuring 29.7 x 21 cm made in 2020. This is an art form very close to Gordillo, in which we often see his most intimate and experimental self. Studying shapes and colours in all their visual potential and allowing himself to explore the infinite possibilities of each stroke. This is followed by six larger works, including three cardboards and a canvas of approximately 100 x 70 cm each, and two large paintings of 153 x 220 cm and 149 x 180.5 cm that dominate the exhibition space: "Alma de robot lírico" (2020) and "El psicoanálisis de Keop" (2015). This selection manifests the sense of humour inherent in the work and in the artist's personality, as well as his particular use of colour and irony, in softened points guided by insinuating brushstrokes that resolve into unusual forms. This freshness, so difficult to achieve in a space dominated by superimpositions, juxtapositions, ruptures, patterns and imperfect symmetries, is only possible thanks to the mastery with which Luis Gordillo distributes each element. As if he were an architect, he constructs each image with a torrent of contradictory figures and signs in a poetic, fluid and powerful space. A space that does not admit a single interpretation, no matter how much the human brain tries to find it within these icons that could represent organic forms or symbols full of meaning. However, the meaning of these works is only that which is gathered in the act of creating and in the act of observing.

Luis Gordillo Exhibition