Garden party with snails'.


And it's time for the garden party with snails. Let's dance again. This is what Lúa Gándara proposes with this suggestive and evocative title for the times we live in, turning the METRO Gallery hall into her own particular dance floor. The vibrant stains of colour and the accurate strokes and gestures of her paintings dance in a calculated rhythmic balance, forming a scenography that goes beyond the painting itself to become an invitation to optimism and humour in a garden inhabited by everything that, little by little, is born from the temperament of this young and multifaceted artist. Paintings, soundscapes or ingenious titles such as Amarillo sin gluten, Cuando los patos duermen pasan cosas, Raffaela Carrá en el armario, Buenos días cariño vi tu foto eres muy hermosa y muy dulce te amo, or the title of the exhibition itself, are the conceptual and poetic garnish of her proposal and invite the spectator to reflection and play.

Lúa Gándara Exhibition