The Alphabet Truce'.


"La Tregua del Abecedario" is the exhibition of Laura Vinós curated by Juan Cruz at Di Gallery. An exhibition where Laura Vinós shows her latest works. A selection of the most representative works for her first exhibition in the exhibition hall of the Sevillian gallery. A young promise of Spanish contemporary art with great international projection. "Look out of the window, observe: kindergarten, playground and playroom. In the background, two childlike shadows playing as if. The garden or playground is a distant kingdom where the childish shadows pretend to love each other as if they were sweethearts or harlequins or children riding a merry-go-round. The as if is their untouched cosmos where there is no room for the clumsy adult. There is nothing around. Stare, learn to look". Text of the exhibition by Juan de Beatriz.