Breath Hold


"My work revolves around the intertwining of time, space and movement. Memory and trauma play a central role, as does the idea of stopping to perceive oneself, physically and psychologically. The unfolding of the material metaphorically represents the unfolding and expansion of space. On the other hand, the folding of the material reflects the contraction of space, the collapse of here and there, of now and then. Here the concept of space-time-distance comes into play, themes such as acceleration, trauma and the loss of space and presence, whose interaction and meaning in life I explore in my exhibitions. I am concerned with the destructive, the deconstructive, the constructive and the constructivist? Beyond thought and conceptualisation, there is something alive stored in time and space."

Katja Strunz, 2020

Katja Strunz Exhibition

Katja Strunz

5.000 €