Moments of light


[...] His photographs are traces of the beauty and silence that the landscape offers us, where the human presence forms an integral part of the spectacular nature, but is not the active subject, it is only part of that landscape.

Guided by the light and colour that make him up, he makes you invade the spaces he creates, as if you were there in the present continuous. There is a permanent halo in his photographs as if something imminent were about to happen: to be invaded by hurricane-force air or almost feel the smell of rain, or be banished into silence and overwhelming solitude.

The reality that we sometimes do not see, transformed into the unreality that we perceive and feel.

A photographer in search of what he finds interesting, distanced by his own will from the documentary form but which is immanent in his travels in Cuba, Iceland,... and wherever he goes. Instants of light wrapped in colour as if it were an eternal present.

His manifest desire to transport the viewer to these places, and to make us participants in the sensations experienced, makes Mellado explore the technical possibilities of capturing, processing and copying in his photographic images.

Catching from the everyday, in the apparently vulgar, in the abandoned, the decadent, that hidden beauty and giving it light, and the cold or warmth of colour, makes up the discourse of the work of this great artist.

Esther Maestre. Director of the Gijón Encounters. Curator of the exhibition

José María Mellado Exhibition