Archimetrica. Stories of a continuous rebirth'.


The METRO gallery presents the exhibition 'Archimétrica. Historias de un continuo renacer', by the artist José Luis Serzo. The exhibition brings together elements produced by the artist for his first short film, as well as others created for its visual development. Produced and exhibited by CAB Burgos in 2020, ARCHIMÉTRICA was awarded and nominated at several international festivals, including Best Creative Vision Award at the International Thai Film Festival 2020, Best Cinematography Award at the MosFilmFest 2020 in Moscow and Best Actress Award at the New York True Film Festival 2020. An existential space, constructed on this occasion from subtle references to Suprematism or the Bauhaus, in which a series of transcendental events unfold in a singular micro-world of squares, triangles, squares, bevels... and also chickens.

José Luis Serzo Exhibition