Year of the Bat


Aurora Vigil-Escalera Galería de Arte presents, from 30 April to 8 June, El año del murciélago, the first monographic exhibition by Jorge Hernández in our gallery.

Current debates on art tend to develop under a fairly simple argumentative scheme: creation, in line with the radical transformation of society, has to leave behind its traditional media and orient itself towards a permanently innovative attitude. An argument which, of course, Jorge Hernández does not share: for him, even in a post-cinema language, painting continues to be an ideal territory for posing conflicts and crossroads, which are resolved through the variability of expressive resources, compositional arrangement and constant chromatic exploration.

His struggle is located in the traditional medium-frame, where he interrogates ways of looking at and constructing reality that delve into the fiction of possible worlds. To do so, he turns to the filmic strategies of the 1950s and 1960s, specifically those of Hollywood, which was influenced by the repercussions of the Cold War, but which also established new narrative paradigms that transformed the history of cinema. It also aims at film noir and related genres, where the enigma always structures the narrative.

Jorge Hernández Exhibition