C-NOISE [ore].


Jorge Haro is a composer, performer, sound and visual artist, who lives and works between Buenos Aires and Madrid, whose works -both in material and immaterial supports- explore interstitial spaces between art, science and technology, with a special interest in processes such as expanded listening, sound visualisation, and the poetic, audiovisual and conceptual transformation of computer data (data-mapping).
Creative processes in the digital era enable the musical composer to cross a series of categorical and functional limits, unthinkable only a few decades ago, in which musical composition becomes a multidisciplinary transcript that, from an anthropological point of view, returns the human being to an aural dimension that goes beyond the domain of the visual-euclidean.

The selected pieces, presented in different formats (sound sculptures, photographs, videos and musical compositions) are links in an infinite work in progress. work in progress, developed from field recordings, synthetic sounds and photographic and video recordings, later edited, processed and digitally transformed by the author.
The exhibition materialises, in this sense, the differences between object and process, composite sound and sound staged in an installation format; achieving the objective of "achieving an experience that, from listening, dialogues between the physical and perceptive phenomena".