Painted scriptures


The work that Javier de Juan produced during the 2020 forties. Eighteen acrylic paintings on paper in which the artist, in an exercise of freedom and delving into the folds of the subconscious, rescues characters from the biblical stories of his childhood. This exhibition of PAINTED WRITINGS arises almost by chance. 

Possessing a very personal and recognisable voice, and a splendid mastery of drawing and colour, Javier de Juan became one of the most present and active artists in the field of drawing and painting during the prodigious decade of the eighties. Javier has been able to maintain a coherent and constantly evolving artistic career, always preserving his most characteristic creative identity. He is a splendid draughtsman, with an innate ability to tell stories through images. His technique is fresh, agile, clear and simple. With few lines and graphics he is capable of constructing scenes, situations, moments and, of course, emotions. His characters, men and women, are always recognisable and are animated by a special liveliness, full of energy, registers, movements and also sensuality.

Text by Paco Carpio

Javier de Juan Exhibition