Transcending the Shadows


The Isolina Arbulú Gallery presents the first solo exhibition of Cadiz artist Jaime Velázquez, "Transcending Shadows", an exhibition that merges identity, collective memory and new technologies through the work of the young artist. This exhibition invites us to explore a visual narrative that challenges the limits between reality and fiction, questioning the interaction between the figure and abstraction in the digital environment.

Velázquez's work is an intense dialogue with contemporary urban language, where disconnection becomes the common thread. His paintings confront us with everyday situations that are generated by the dissonance of current languages. In this context, the artist infects his works with a utopian perspective, a reality that manifests itself through characters stripped of their vital essence, trapped in a limbo programmed by algorithms that seem to direct our destiny.

It is this duality between the moral anguish of the characters and the constant luminosity in the paintings that captivates the viewer. Velázquez uses vibrant colors and distant-looking figures to reflect the chaotic influence of a world dominated by technology. His work becomes a mirror of our society, where uncertainty and urban consumerism are the protagonists.

"Transcending Shadows" is an opportunity to reflect on a society caught in the maelstrom of technological progress and the constant desire for identity. Through oil paintings of different formats and intriguing sculptures, the artist invites us to question our relationship with the digital world and how this interaction shapes our perception of reality.

A journey through the work of Jaime Velázquez, where shadows fade and light reveals new perspectives on identity, collective memory and the impact of new technologies on our daily lives.

Jaime Velazquez Exhibition