Truth first


Truth first': One of the main qualities of an artist must be daring, not hesitating when he believes in his possibilities, when his only argument is what he does and that unshakeable faith is the main foundation that sustains his work. This is the case of Ismael Lagares (Huelva, 1978), who in the last five years, just between his first exhibition in the summer of 2016 at the Aurora Vigil-Escalera gallery and this latest one he is presenting now in 2021, his work has grown admirably fast, like few Spanish artists of his age in the same period. Conviction, the ability to take risks and, above all, the confidence of wanting to be better every week with effort and truth, fighting against the paintings in the solitude of the studio, without being aware of anything beyond what is important: the day to day in the studio, an exclusive credible asset for those who have decided to dedicate themselves to this.